On Thanksgiving, people tend to list things that they’re thankful for, which is always friends, family, health and the Big Man. These should go without saying. I want to know what you’re really thankful for this year, as opposed to other years. Since I’m a lister (aka A person who loves any excuse to make a list) these are the top ten things I’m thankful for this year:

  1. Football and Hockey – Without these things, my life would suck right now due to the NBA lockout.
  2. Vegetarians – I love carnivores too, but vegetarians are so eager to share their recipes with the world. After a year and a half of adopting this lifestyle, I can say, without a doubt, I’ve never been in better shape or felt better in my whole life.
  3. Goals – I’m not normally a goal setter because I’m completely demoralized if I don’t meet them (and I’m horrible at setting realistic goals) but this year I’ve kept them just lofty enough to achieve and feel great about them!
  4. People who can cook (and blog about it) – I started cooking at the beginning of this year, and it was tough. If it weren’t for these talented people who have mastered the culinary arts and share their secrets, then I’d burn a lot more things than I already do.
  5. Cars – This time last year I was a bonafide bus rider. Sometimes I still ride it for fun and because I can get a lot of work done on it, but sometimes, like yesterday driving to my parents’ house, I’m very thankful I have my car back.
  6. Amazing writers and Publications – This year I’ve been fortunate enough to get the Relationship column gig for Vigore Magazine. Wow. Can you say “amazing”? I’m talking about the company of course. They’re all so nurturing and talented, every last one on the team. Also, I discovered The Rag, a literary magazine. If you only have time for short stories and like alternative literature, you MUST subscribe to this.
  7. My Apartment – Not a day goes by when I’m not dumbstruck by the fact that I live on Sunset blvd. in Hollywood. There are no words for how much I love this place. It’s the most unique city I’ve lived in (and I’ve lived A LOT of places). It’s surreal every morning.
  8. Finding favorite Pens and Pencils- As a writer, there are few things more enthralling than finding the perfect pen and pencil. This year, I found both by happenstance (meaning I saw them laying around and stole them). They are the Rollerball pen and Zebra 2B mechanical pencil. I highly recommend both.
  9. Flasks – Let’s be honest, sometimes you just really need a drink, which is why flasks are amazing. You don’t need to be drunk, just something to take the edge off a family gathering or a really long film. If you don’t have a flask, you need one!
  10. Pinterest – After discovering this, my life will never be the same. It’s seriously the best thing on the internet. I’ve found the most bitchin’ art and get the vast majority of my recipes from this site. If you haven’t become addicted, check it out.


What are some non-stereotypical things you’re thankful for this year?


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