This is the first year in my studio, and while I could feasibly put a Christmas tree in here, it’s so small that I’d end up hating it by Christmas. So, in an effort to have a Christmas tree to decorate and to have a Christmas countdown, I came up with my own plan: A Christmas Tree Advent Calendar!

All you need for this is a stretched canvas, paint, and Christmas ornaments. The stretched canvas allows you to hang it without framing it, and the canvas is easy to poke through with your hooks.

This is perfect if you’re a teacher, a mom or just have a small apartment like me. As a kid I can remember looking forward to my mom hanging the advent calendar she made for her kindergarten class. Now, after loving that calendar for 20+ years, I have one of my very own.

What are some Christmas traditions you love?


This Monday there are so many things I’m loving! After a restful, but odd weekend, I’m so ready for today. While I hate Mondays, like everyone else, I try to convince myself that Mondays are great! It’s a time to focus your mind, get in a rhythm and have a fresh start. Here’s some things I’m LOVING today:

Bright, colorful art that I could look at for hours.

Vintage boxes of crayons. At 24 years old, I still LOVE coloring in a coloring book every now and then. There’s nothing like the smell of a box of crayons.

A computer case that looks like an old book. I hate computers and love old books, so this is a way to make the best of the situation!

My new message board (Sorry for the horrible picture quality; it was taken with my phone) Old frame + scrapbook paper + dry erase marker.

If you’re anything like me, as a child I used to troll my mom’s closet floor picking up stay buttons and sequins on her floor. I’d make lots of different crafts out of these, all of which were complete crap. But my mom would love them just the same when I gave them to her. Then one day, I discovered Sher Bear’s (my mom) button jar! This big beautiful jar was filled with buttons of every color and shape. Ever since then, I’ve collected buttons and love making things out of them. Here’s some pictures of fun, easy things you can make yourself or with your kids!

I love repurposing old clothing. It looks and feels like you went shopping, but you actually spent next to nothing. Here’s some great designs that you can do by yourself, or have a tie-dye party with your friends (or kids). Summer’s almost over, but I’m not ready to give up on it yet. Can’t wait to try these out.

After being a stay-at-home-mom for over 20 years, my mother went back to teaching. She’s a few years back in the game, but every year is still a new year and deserves some new decor. I saw this design for a crayon wreath and knew that she would love it. To make this all you need is a box of crayons, super glue and a wooden circle (I used an old embroidery ring).