The other day I got a very disturbing email. It was a Christmas decor email, describing gifts that I can start making now… in July. Well, that made me realize even though I failed at getting in super good shape for summer, I now have a chance to get in excellent shape for Halloween!

So, I’m doing my best to eat healthy at all costs, no matter what.

This past Saturday, I’ll admit, I was struggling. And trying to get more protein in my diet (I’m a vegetarian) has shown me how little veggies I’m able to sneak in now. It’s a balancing act for sure. And when I was faced with a simple pasta or a tomato basil salad, I chose the tomatoes.

For this, it’s as easy as it gets. If you have 5 minutes (to wash the tomatoes) then you’re done


1 package grape, cherry, or whatever tomatoes you have on hand (halved if you want)

A few basil leaves

Salt (I used pink Himalayan because it’s what was around)

Balsamic vinegar

Feta, parmesan, mozzerella, or string cheese (that’s what I used)



Put the washed tomatoes in a bowl

Tear or cut the basil leaves

Add salt to taste

Top with Balsamic vinegar and whatever cheese you want to use


You know when you find a product that is so great you feel like you have to share it with everyone you know? Well, I think I’ve found the best thing ever. My skin has always been a constant soucre of frustration for me. Sometimes it’s oily, sometimes is combo skin, and I’ve tried literally every kind of cleanser. There is never one that just works, no matter what my skin feels like doing. Then I got a sample of Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser. It was a sample so I thought, sure! I’ll try it. A month later something happened that never has before.

Many products claim they’ll leave your skin feeling smooth and amazing and blah, blah, blah. This cleanser really did. It was really amazing. So when I ran out I thought, eh, it’s okay. I’ll just og back to my old one, because, let’s fact it, I’m cheap. It can’t be that different. Oh boy was I wrong. In about two days I was broken out and back to my temperamental skin. Not even my prescription moisturizer was helping. So I ordered myself a big bottle of Juice Beauty.

Then, I was hiking with my friend, raving about this stuff. She thought, yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m sure it’s great. Well, after our hike, we were waiting around for a friend, and I said, “You’re sweaty. Just wash your face real quick.” Instantly she was in love. She literally ordered it right then and there. She admitted to thinking I was full of shit and jsut hyping a product, but could now see that wasn’t the case.

So, if you’re like me, and can never find any cleaner that you’re really happy with, do yourself a favor and go HERE.

P.S. It’s organic!!