You’ve heard my decorating woes on here before, and after trying out a few different room designs, I’m at a crossroads. I love my little Hollywood studio except for the fact that I both live and work in the same room. You typically want your room to be warm, cozy and inviting. But you want your office and workspace to be bright and inspiring. So, I’m struggling to find the perfect color scheme to achieve both a relaxing, yet energetic area that isn’t drab (because white was an excellent option to combine the two, but it begins to feel boring after awhile). Here’s some colors and designs I’m loving/battling with right now.

To my design lovers, have any suggestions?

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Last year I found out about something called NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. During this one month you write a 50,000+ word novel; the novel you’ve wanted to write your whole life. Well, last year I gave it my all, which apparently only consisted of 10,000 words. This year is going to be different though! I’m going to really do it this time! I’ve had an idea that I’ve wanted to work on for awhile now, and I’ve got a few scripts being pitched around town so I figured this is the perfect time. I’m setting a goal of 2,000 words a day, which is completely do-able if I’m not a lazy bum.

The problem is that once it’s done, you have to market and sell your work, your baby. About once a year I have a mini breakdown where I walk into a book store and become completely despondent. Just who do I think I am, that I could have a book on that Best Sellers list in the front of the store. Then after I go home and eat a gallon of ice cream, I remind myself that I’m Natalie Saar. I’ve been writing since I could put a pen to paper and I’m just as good as any of the other writers out there. I just have to put in the time and do the work. So, here it goes! Hopefully I’ll be in the editing process by end of year and on these bookstore tables this time next year. Here’s to NaNoWriMo and chasing your dreams! Cheers!

Ever since I saw this wall on one of my favorite blogs, Layers of Meaning, I’ve been in love with the chevron pattern on just about everything! I plan on doing something similar to this to an odd inset in my wall where a murphy bed used to be. Fun Fact: In the 7th grade spelling bee, I got out on the word “Chevron.”

In college, I was into colors. A lot of colors. I made all my furniture from cinderblocks and wood, and spend two days painstakingly painting them every color of the psychedelic rainbow. After moving 16 20+lbs blocks twice, I decided that was enough of that furniture. While I’m still young, I can see my tastes slowly changing from my Jimi Hendrix tie dye coffee table to more muted tones with accent colors. As I sat down to work on my screenplay this morning, I saw the above picture while quickly browsing Pinterest. I’m utterly in love with my typewriter and this picture inspired me even more to sit down and get to writing. Here’s some more muted color schemes below. I love darks for relaxing rooms, like your bedroom, and bright whites for living rooms like the kitchen. It’s so clean and crisp! What are your favorite color schemes?

If you’re anything like me, as a child I used to troll my mom’s closet floor picking up stay buttons and sequins on her floor. I’d make lots of different crafts out of these, all of which were complete crap. But my mom would love them just the same when I gave them to her. Then one day, I discovered Sher Bear’s (my mom) button jar! This big beautiful jar was filled with buttons of every color and shape. Ever since then, I’ve collected buttons and love making things out of them. Here’s some pictures of fun, easy things you can make yourself or with your kids!

I grew up in a house that somehow made clutter work. Well, I’m not personally one of those people who can pull that off. I like modern, clean decor, but I have a growing love of repetition. While I’d normally think several of the same decoration is a bit boring and uncreative, the concept is growing on me. I have a fireplace mantle that is begging to be decorated and I may have to implement one of these designs. I love them!

I LOVE this time of year. Everything is so colorful,lots of wonderful produce is in season and most of all, there’s so many ways to decorate! The easiest, most economical way to decorate is to do it with Thanksgiving in mind. If you use the same type of decor as you want for your holiday, then you can use all the same things, and not have to stress the week before. Having seasonal dishware will spice up the table. Here’s some different ways to decorate that I’m loving (but now I have to choose which I like the most for this year). They’re each very different and use different elements of the season that represent the harvest like pumpkins, wheat, pears and cranberries. If you don’t like the idea of using real food, and it subsequently going to waste, faux decor is always an option, and the best part is you can use it each year!