I love boots! The layered sock trend took awhile to grow on me, but it finally has. Layering is not something that comes easy to me, and I often need inspiration to pull it off effectively. These are some styles of layering socks and boots that I really love and ca’t wait to try out, as soon as fall finally arrives.


I love repurposing old clothing. It looks and feels like you went shopping, but you actually spent next to nothing. Here’s some great designs that you can do by yourself, or have a tie-dye party with your friends (or kids). Summer’s almost over, but I’m not ready to give up on it yet. Can’t wait to try these out.

It’s Fashion week in New York and I’m so jealous of my NYC people who get to be there! Here’s some of my favorites from the week so far. Jason Wu and Marc by Marc Jacobs are always my favorites, and this year is no different. While I’d never wear most of the things you see on the runway, I LOVE how imaginative they are!! Here’s my favorite high fashion, but wearable looks from the first part of the week. You can find more here.

Vera Wang

Oscar de La Renta


Diane Von Furstenberg

Jason Wu


Marc by Marc Jacobs (always my favorite)

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Normally, I love big, chunky, attention-grabbing rings, but these caught my eye. They’re each very unique and seem handmade and one-of-a-kind. The subtle details of them are what make them elegant and demure.

This is my favorite. It’s “his and hers” birthstones, but it can be anything, like the birthstones of your children or best friends. The small stones make this ring wearable with any outfit, even though the colors may not match.
***After getting tons of inquiries about this ring, I did some digging and found out where you all can get one! I found it HERE on Etsy.

Virginia Tech had some of the coolest uniforms I’ve ever seen last season. Now other teams have stepped up their game and I’m loving it. While it’s a penalty to wear gloves that give signals, some teams have thrown caution to the wind and done it anyway. Here’s some of the best.