Middle of the week, so I thought, why not share a few of the songs that help me get over the hump?


Awhile ago, I posted the songs that were currently on my playlist. Well, I hope you’re ready for round two. As of late, I’ve been trapped inside my mind, and I mean that in the least narcissistic way possible. A lot of what I do demands creativity, and sometimes, I can’t conjure that. Which is where music comes in. I’ve got seven projects laid out in front of me, and here are the songs that are currently keeping me going.

Everyone was a tortured teen at some time; a teen who felt like the world was against you, especially your parents. Here’s a story from one of America’s greatest storytellers, the Boss Bruce Springsteen, about his struggle with his father, a motorcycle accident, losing his friends to the Vietnam War, and eventually reconciliation. It’s heartwarming and perfect on a Tuesday night. Grab a few quite moments and take a listen…

Not to mention this was the first song I learned to play on the harmonica, my favorite live album as an adult and my first ever concert. Thanks for joining me for storytime 🙂

I finally sat down and made a list of all my projects from cook books to my new clothing line to the scripts going into production to my novel to the Christmas presents I must start on soon (we like to make presents in my family), and I have to say I feel a lot better now that things are nicely organized in categories on a piece of paper (which hopefully I won’t lose). I often view Wednesdays like Mondays. If my week didn’t get off to such a good start (which mine didn’t… car problems… blah) then Wednesday is your time to hit restart. So this is me hitting restart with a fantastic piece of art to ponder and be inspired by, and an amazing song I just discovered. It’s the perfect thing to get me going on a Wednesday. Enjoy!

I have a turntable, passed down from my dad to his dad to me (a bit out of order, I know) and I love it. Along with inheriting the ancient stereophonic relic, I received the library of albums that came with it. As a kid, I listened to more “classic rock” than any child should, but never quite fell in love with The Beatles. This was until I listened to them on vinyl. There’s something about the crackling and side-flipping that’s enchanting and romantic.

One night, it was raining in Hollywood, a rarity but not for that year. I was laying in bed after a long day hunched over my desk and I grabbed an album. I have so many that I make it a habit to just grab and not look (this is how I discovered Harry Belafonte and Al Stewart).

On this rainy night I grabbed The Beatles “Let It Be” album. I turned off the lights in my room and with the tinkling of the rain and crackling of the record in the background, I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. As the needle spun around the disk, this finally came out of my speakers:

It was one of those songs that, in that moment, makes you feel as though you’re in love, even though you’re completely single. I got the “warm and fuzzies” as I listened to the rest of the album, lying in the dark, in love with nothing and everything at the same time.

Last night I wrapped the second revision of my screenplay at 3am (third and final version come soon). Here’s some songs on my playlist that is essential to my writing process. Ecclectic, but effective and amazing. Enjoy!