fitness time

Let’s be honest, every Thanksgiving we have the best intentions of being healthy and not over-eating, but somehow the goodness of everything gets the best of us (or maybe that’s just me).

There’s less than a month until Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) so there’s about three weeks to undo the damage you did and get on the right track before you fall off the wagon again.

Here’s some simple workout routines you can try no matter how busy you are and no matter your fitness level. Some tips that I’ve found helpful in the last year (I’ve lost 40lbs so far) are to:
Snack often but snack smart. By trading my chips and pretzels for baby carrots I’m never hungry and full of vitamins and nutrients.

Go for a walk. Even if your workout doesn’t happen later in the day, you got out on your break at work, took a walk for 15 minutes and got to enjoy the sunshine and all the health benefits that come with it.

Cook. No one likes to cook, and if you do, you’re a saint. It’s messy and takes time, but I’ve learned that if you cook, you’ll always eat something you like and it will be healthier, often, than if you have eaten out. It may only take about 10 minutes longer, if that. You can find a ton of easy, cheap and quick recipes on this blog.

Don’t get down on yourself. Even if you only did 20 jumping jacks that day, you did 20 jumping jacks! Stay focused and motivated, everything counts.

Even if you can’t do all of the above, do as many as you can. No harm in skipping things you don’t have the equipment for (like pull-ups and dips).


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