homemade hot pocket calzone thingys

I don’t profess to be a chef, or a person who like fancy foods. I mean, sure, I LOVE a good aged, sharp cheese, but I’ll eat just about anything. That said, I have no idea what to call these. When I explained what I was making, I called it a “type of calzone,” but then someone chimed in, “It’s basically a pizza.” So, I clarified, “It’s a pizza hot pocket calzone thing, but it’ll be good, so chill.” Luckily, the recipe stood up to my bravado.

This is one of those recipes that is super easy, and can trick people into thinking you know how to cook (Men, I’m looking at you). And as usual with most of the recipes I like, you can totally make it your own!

But here’s what I did, and it’s the recipe in it’s most basic form:

hot pockets calzone

What You Need:

1 package puff pastries (I used Trader Joe’s because they come in rectangles, not rounded)

Marinara sauce (or whatever your fave spaghetti sauce is)

Mozzarella cheese

What You Do:

Preheat the over to 400 degrees (or whatever your package suggests)

Choose the size of pockets you want, keeping in mind you’ll be folding them, and cut them

In the center of one half, add sauce, cheese, and any other toppings you want

Fold, and close the edges using the tines of a fork (like when you make peanut butter cookies)

Put in the over for 20-30 minutes (will vary depending on the crust, so just keep an eye on it)

Flip them at some point towards the end (I flipped around 20 minutes and cooked for 30 total)

Take out of the oven, and enjoy!

hot pockets calzone

Messiness: This isn’t really messy, but if you’ve been following this blog, in addition to deserving an award, you know that dough it not my best friend (unless it’s un my belly). So, that part got a little messy, but by “messy” what I mean is “I had to wash my hands.” So it really wasn’t a big deal.

Budget: This is pretty cheap. The dough is going to be the most expensive part unless you’re adding fancy meats and cheeses. In which case, please invite me over. Thx.

Simplicity: So simple, I recommended it as the college guy’s go-to “Hi, look at me, I can cook delicious things!” recipe.

Deliciousness: SO good! Where your traditional hot pockets and calzones are doughy, this one is just enough dough with lots of flake.


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