whiskey vs. scotch

Every time I go home, my dad has some new kinds of alcohol that we’re going to rope someone into helping us have a taste test with. And every time, without fail, my dad picks the scotch, and I pick the whiskey. Well, this year at Christmas, I tried possibly the best whiskey I’ve ever had. Now, I haven’t had that many kinds of whiskey, but after trying this, I don’t really care to try any more.

Tullamore D.E.W. is the best whiskey I’ve tasted. It’s flavorful, but with zero burn. And no, they aren’t paying me for this, but if they want to pay in whiskey, my flasks are pretty dry 😉

Anyways, I realize that not everyone likes their liquor neat, so, here are some of the recipes on their website. If you like what you see, go HERE to find the full recipe, and enjoy!



  1. Irish Whiskey is said to be the smoothest and most easily palettable of all varieties of whiskey, which helped Ireland to become the kings of Whiskey, in their heyday. The unfortunate part of this story is most commercial Irish Whiskey distilleries did not survive the American Prohibition, which left only three (or four?) surviving distilleries in the country, up until today. However, there may be some craft microdistilleries popping up in that country. I don’t know, since it’s often difficult to get craft liquor from Europe here in Western Canada!

    In any case, that’s my mini-rant. Cheers!

    • Natalie said:

      Cheers! Thanks for the insight!!

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