judge not

I often find that at times, out of curiosity comes judgement.

As a journalist, it’s my natural inclination to find out as much as possible about a person in as little time as possible. In doing this though, it’s sometimes hard to reserve judgement when it’s someone who is vastly different than I am.

I’ve found that this isn’t unusual and we all tend to do it here and there.

For example, you’re sitting down for drinks with a Hollywood starlet, who happens to still be a human being whether you like it or not. She’s just gotten out of rehab, but is sitting there drinking a gin and tonic. It’s very easy to assume that she likely has nothing of value to say, or that it will just be her putting on airs, and you know what, that may be the case. But why not reserve judgement, and just be curious about her life. What got her to this point? How does she really feel when she sees stories about herself in the tabloids? What’s her greatest fear (this question can tell you A LOT about a person)?

Now, not everyone is a troubled celeb, but everyone is an individual, with an individual personality and internal conflicts.

If you choose to be curious over judgmental, you’ll learn a lot about someone, but more importantly it will teach you to view everyone and everything the same. We’re all on an even playing field when it comes to being human, so we should treat each other like it.

Challenge yourself to ask lots of questions today, and to not judge any of the answers you find. You can ask other people, but make sure some of your inquiries are directed inward. If it’s hard to wake up in the morning, then why? Why is your after-work routine what it is? Are you a better person than you were yesterday?


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