Best Piece Of Toast EVER!



Okay, before you think that I’m crazy let me tell you that I LOVE toast! It is my favorite food.

I’m a carb-o-holic, so bread alone makes me happy as a clam, but bread + butter… I don’t need much else.

Anyway, I live in a small studio apartment, so there’s no counter room for appliances, and sometimes that toaster oven seems like such a hassle. This time, thanks to my laziness, I discovered the PERFECT piece of toast.

It’s not difficult but in the scope of making toast, it’s really detailed.

In the end, you get a lightly crisped piece of bread with all of the softness of a fresh baked loaf.

What You Need:

French bread (or any similar, light bread)


What You Do:

Take a slice of bread

Put unmelted butter on only the top side

Put the unbuttered bottom side on an ungreased pan (on medium heat)

Wait until butter begins to melt (1-2 minutes)

Take it out and finish buttering

Messiness: It’s exactly as messy as making a piece of toast the normal way. The only difference is that you need a pan, skillet, or something else that can heat up the bread.

Simplicity: Is it difficult? Not at all. Is it easy? Well, it requires more attention than the regular way you make toast, but anyone can still do it. You just need to ask yourself, “Is the most delicious, buttery, soft, perfect piece of toast worth this effort?” I’d hope you would answer yes 😉

Budget: CHEAP! $1 for bread. $1 for butter. Now you can eat toast all day!

Delicious Factor: … I don’t know how to say perfect in enough languages.


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