i’m backkkk…

After a nearly month-long hiatus, I’m back. For reals. While I haven’t been blogging, I assure you that I have certainly been keeping up with my cooking and trying to chip away at my summer to-do list. As a way to quickly catch you up, in case you don’t follow me on Instagram, here’s my life lately…

Hiked to the Escondido Waterfalls in Malibu. For awhile, I was enjoying Runyon so much that I thought, maybe I was beginning to like hiking and should take it to the next level. After freefall-sliding down the hill coming back from this waterfall, and having to repel at times, I’m certain I do NOT like hiking. This waterfall is beautiful though and I highly encourage you adventurous people to try it.

Working through a stack of summer reading for a project, I perhaps misguidedly undertook.

Surprised my brother and drove down to catch his game.

The end of the Happy Thursday cake I made for my coworkers. There’s nothing better than cake for no reason!

Rerouted my run to catch part of the free concert Katy Perry did on Hollywood Blvd.

I love working near home so I can catch up on my reading at lunch!

My get-up when I’m in writing mode.

Gorgeous day at the beach for my run.

Just another Runyon hike.

Motivational marquee for no reason. If there’s one reason I love living in West Hollywood, it’s that everyone is so positive!

Driving home. I love LA.

My cat Chiquita who now lives with my parents and let me hold her for the first time in over a year! (she’s not the nicest of kitties)

At the driving range with my dad and brother.

Hanging out on the Paramount lot.

My Birchbox! Seriously, I love getting these SO much!

Nighttime jog on Sunset.

Huge sparkly flag on the wall. Just because.


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