book review: the gifted gabaldon sisters

It’s been awhile since my last book review, because it’s been awhile since I was able to finish a book. But I finally finished my first book of the year. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do if I want to reach my goal, but I’ll get there.

Before Christmas, I was walking through a store when I saw a book that caught my eye, “The Gifted Gabaldon Sisters” by Lorraine Lopez. If intrigued me because my Spanish family, from Spain are Gabaldons. I thought it might be a fun gift for my Nana based on the name alone. Then it got weird when I read the back of the book. It was about four sisters growing up in East Los Angeles and their mother had died at a young age. I froze, was I reading my Nana’s story she’d published under a penname or something? Granted, she had more siblings than this… many more, but the similarities were uncanny. I scooped it up into my basket and gave it to my Nana as a “just because” present.

She’s a voracious reader, constantly giving me books she knows I’ll love, and I always do once I get around to reading them. So, six months later, I’m able to give it back to her, having finished this wonderfully delightful tale of these sisters. It’s a coming of age story, which I’m typically not a fan of because they’re all essentially the same. This one was different though.

Without giving away a lot of the story, I can tell you this:
1. You will fall in love with these girls. They are all so flawed, and real with themselves. It’s refreshing to find people who aren’t overly flawed or a bit too perfect, and these girls are as real as characters can get.

2. You’ll relate with them, even if you didn’t grow up in East LA. It’s impossible not to see some of you in these girls.

3. It’s an easy read. It’s not as shallow as cheeky romance novel, and it’s not as simple as a lot of adolescent literature, but it’s somewhere in between. Not quite for adolescents, because there’s a lot of “life lessons” in here. You’ll go on a journey with these girls and love every disappointment and triumph.


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