homemade poptarts

Okay, so I know late night snacking is bad for you, but when it’s late on a Sunday, you have to be up in a matter of hours, but you’re still working on a deadline, you must eat!

I went to the fridge for something, anything and spotted premade pie crust hanging out in the back, so I thought, “Now is as good a time as any to try making some poptarts!”

It’s super easy and takes 30 from start to finish at the most (probably less). You’ll love them!

(Photo taken with instagram)

What You Need:
Premade pie crust (or make your own)
You favorite jelly/jam
Frosting (optional)
Sprinkles (not optional because sprinkles are amazing)

What You Do:

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees

Cut the pie crust into your desired poptart shapes. I was working with a round pie crust so mine were a mixture of squares and triangles

Put a bit of jelly on one side (for filling) and then put a matching piece on top

Use fork tines, or your fingers, and press the two pieces together

Use the fork to poke a couple holes in the top

Bake for about nine minutes, until they golden brown

Frost and sprinkle the sprinkles!

Messiness – It’s as messy as you make it. If you want to get crazy with your poptart shapes, then you may be in trouble. I have a 1ft x 1ft cutting board so I stayed pretty tame with mine.

Simplicity – So easy that I made them on a whim for the first time. And as you know by now, me and baking are NOT best friends, but this recipe was definitely a confidence builder in our relationship.

Budget – Super cheap! You can get each ingredient for about $1. I made them without frosting (since it was a late night snack and all) so it came out to about 6 bite sized poptarts for $2 (I keep sprinkles on hand at all times).

Delicious Factor – Remember me saying my mom forbade us to cook as kids? Well, let’s just say I consumed my body weight in poptarts as a child so I’m a connoisseur of sorts. These tasted even better! Remember how awful the non-frosted ones tasted? Well these had no frosting and were even more delicious than store-bought frosted tarts. I promise you’ll love them! Best part is, you get to pick your favorite filling! Any jam you can find will do. An easy 5/5.

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