Sorry for falling off the face of the planet again. I recently had some exciting writing career moves and am busier than ever! However, I must say, I haven’t been eating much else than that pesto I posted. Fun tip: spread it on a pita pizza (recipe here) before the sauce. It’s amazing!!

So, to catch you up a bit, here’s my life over the last week via Instagram:

(Bruce Springsteen concert with the fam for my bday… I have a piece on this coming soon)

(Me and mama. I’m wearing her shirt from the original Born in the USA tour… three years before I was born #Vintage)

(Well that’s a fine how do ya’ do!)

(Pro Tip: Pre-game in the car using a Starbucks cup)

(Beautiful flower on an ugly sidewalk, but it’s so pretty you’d never know)

(Fresh pesto [I wasn’t lying above re: pestobsession] on fancy pasta from mama)

(Random street art)

(Amateur zombie fortress?)

(Coldplay concert at the Hollywood Bowl… two firsts for me)

(We all had these awesome bracelets that would glow with the music)

(Pre-Coldplay in the Hollywood hills)

(Lakers paint job)

(Finally… Barnabas Collins from the original Dark Shadows which I’m in love with. Feel free to meme the shit out of this picture… Lord knows I have)

So, that’s it for me. I have an amazing recipe I’ll be sharing soon. It’s my springtime addiction! I’m constantly struck every day by how blessed I am to live where I do and have such wonderful people around me (like all of you).


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