haiku a day

Sometimes it really hits me how hectic life gets, between my day job and myriad of other things, but I’ve found one thing that really helps me settle my mind down when everything seems to be spinning around me: haikus. I try to fit my day into five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables. It’s really helped me pinpoint what was the most important part of my day. I’ll review them every now and then. The result is amazing. I can see either a progression or regression in my happiness and what it’s roughly due to. If you’re anything like me, and even if you’re awful with words, sinking into a chair for 5 minutes, or just making it up in the shower (I LOVE showers but feel that they’re the biggest time waster on a busy day. If only there was an express shower…) I think may help you put things into perspective. Try out a haiku a day for a week or two and let me know how it goes (Confession: mine are particularly hopeless on Mondays lol).

Here’s mine from yesterday:

Feeling overwhelmed
But so thankful for all the


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