mom, i’ll gladly eat my brussel sprouts

As I’ve mentioned before, my mom was never a fan of cooking, or of us cooking, when we were growing up. So our menu never really changed, and it certainly didn’t include things that mom didn’t like, like yucky brussel sprouts! Well, having become a vegetarian, I’m trying to branch out into the world of “Foods I Hate But Don’t Know Why.” I started with onions and quickly learned that I in fact do not like them, so I had been dead on for years with that one. But now that it’s spring, there are brussel sprouts EVERYWHERE! I called my mom.

“Mom, why don’t we like brussel sprouts again?”

“Because they’re gross.”

“But why? What do they taste like? I read they’re like little cabbages.”

“I don’t remember but I remember I don’t like them.”

I had this same conversation, nearly word for word with my vegetarian best friend, but since I could get no real answer about why I’m on the “Brussel Sprouts Suck Bandwagon” I decided to try them.

I found a recipe that was accompanied by, wait for it, GARLIC AIOLI! First I thought, wait a minute, you mean garlic ailoi is something I can make? Then I thought, even if they suck, dipping them in aioli makes everything better! So I went for it. The result was AMAZING!

ROASTED BRUSSEL SPROUTS (Original recipe from Savoring Life with Anna Costa)

What You Need:
2 packages of brussel sprouts, or around 20 (cut in wedges)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

What You Do:
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees

Place the wedges on a baking sheet and drizzle the oil over them

Bake for 15-20, until they are browned

Cool and serve


What You Need:
6 TBSP Mayonnaise
2 medium garlic cloves (pressed)
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp fresh parsley (chopped fine)

What You Do:

Mix and serve

Messiness – I found that wedging the brussel spouts was tricky, and some parts of it leaf off, but by no means was it messy. In fact, it’s one of the least messy recipes on here. Just some cutting, baking and mixing

Simplicity – It is so simple! Again, the cutting is the hardest part, so if you can cut a sprout, you can make these. To make both the sprouts and the aioli, you need 10-15 minutes of prep time and 15 of cook time. I really like this as a simple, healthy (use fat free mayo if you like) snack or quick appetizer for unexpected guests.

Budget – For me, all I had to buy was the brussel sprouts, which are in season and about $1/bag. Even if you have to buy all the ingredients, it should come out to under $10. If you don’t want to use olive oil because it can get pricey, Canola will work as well.

Delicious Factor – Well mom, you were wrong. Brussel sprouts are DELICIOUS! I would never go so far as to say maybe I cooked them better than Grandma, who’s 100% Irish, but I suggest you let me make these for you.

If you’re looking for a yummy, simple veggie dish, or a way to get your kids to get their greens, this is it. Trick them and tell them they’re baby cabbages and it’s dressing they can dip them in.


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