instagram, i’m yours

Been sort of off the grid for a week or so, mostly due to very long work days and even longer nights trying to complete a million projects (okay, maybe it’s more like 20, not a million). That being said, I realized how much I really love blogging and the whole blogosphere. I get so many amazing recipes and posts in my inbox every day from all of you lovely people. Anyways, I guess a good place to start is that I downloaded Instagram (way behind, I know). If you have it, my user name is nataliesaar (clever, right?). So, here’s life lately through my Instagram…

(sisters and I on a shopping trip)

(Just another LA street)

(Dodgers opening day game. The team was in San Diego, so they screened it at the stadium fo’free!)

(Hommemade frosting for mama’s Birthday Blondies. Recipe HERE)

(Our boss’s adorable dog who she lets us doggy sit. Today was a particularly cold day, hence the cozy hoodie)

(Babushka dolls I found at my parents’ house. As a kid I collected these and still think they’re so cute!)

(Creepy note I found inside the babushka. Apparently my sisters’ friends left these around the house while housesitting for us. I was thouroughly creeped out until I found that out though)

(Picture I took on my hike/workout today. The white thing in the shade is the Hollywood sign. I really never get used to the fact that I live here. Seeing the Hollywood sign every day is pretty surreal for a girl from rural suburbia)


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