summer succotash

Whenever I think of succotash, I think of Daffy Duck from Loony Tunes (sufferin’ succotash!), but there’s nothing funny about this recipe. This is something my friend introduced me to about a year ago. It’s my go-to, no cook meal, especially when I’m feeling like my diet is out of whack. It’s super healthy, filled with vitamin C (tomatoes) and protein (edamames). Best of all, it’s fast and only five ingredients. Also, it tastes fresh, even though you’re using frozen. Did I mention succotash is cheap? I mean really, really cheap.

What You Need:

2 bags frozen corn
2 bags frozen shelled edamames
6 tomatoes (diced)
1 yellow onion (diced)
Balsamic vinegar

What You Do:

Thaw the frozen corn and edamames. You can do this by leaving them out or boiling them then draining out all the water.

Combine the corn, edamames, onion and tomatoes in a large bowl

Add the balsamic vinegar. The amount is completely up to you. I typically use about 1/2 cup for this recipe. Toss is all together and serve.

Messiness – This recipe is anything but messy, especially if you have the time to let the ingredients thaw out on their own.

Simplicity – Three steps, and half the ingredients are prepared for you. Can’t beat that.

Budget – SO cheap! In fact, you can half this recipe and it will be even cheaper, but still make enough to feed about four people. I really like how long this dish lasts for too. I usually take it to work for lunch the next day and can nibble on it for the next two.

Delicious Factor – Really, really good! It tastes fresh and healthy. But it;s not like a lot of healthy foods that taste good, but leave you hungry. This will fill you up because of all the fiber and protein in it.


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