woah there, life

As usual, I’ve been working like a mad woman, which has left very little time for blogging and cooking (boo). But I have so many fun things to share with you!

So, last weekend I went to my parents house to visit with my family and run a 5K together. Now, mind you, I’ve tried to run several races (half marathon and 5K) with my mom, and every time something pops up. This weekend was no different.

The night before the race, my little sister came down with a fever. Both parents took her to the ER early in the morning. She’s doing just fine now, but the funniest thing happened at the hospital.

When the doctor came back in with the test results he said, “Okay, I’ve got some good news. I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.” True story. So I guess if he’s making jokes all is well (and it was).

So I ended up running the race with my mom’s good friend. She finished 2nd in her division and I finished 6th in mine (that’s not me bragging, I just am so NOT a runner).

It was so nice to just unplug for awhile and spend time with my family and friends, and their friends! I’ll admit, I’m such a workaholic that it’s really hard for me to turn my brain off, but once I did, it felt so good!

So anyways, this week thus far has been full of me trying to catch up with work and worse, housework! Getting back on track has been a bit of a chore.

How do you get yourself back together after a busy, busy weekend/week?


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