avocado + milk

The first time I heard about this recipe from my friend Rachel, I thought it sounded odd (in a not so good way). But after a talk with my dad, who insists I need more Omega-3s in my vegetarian diet, I thought, what the hell! So I tried this typically Filipino recipe (it think it’s dessert?). On my first bite, it was a bit odd tasting, but then it quickly grew on me and in no time, I couldn’t get enough!

What You Need:
1 avocado
Milk (If you are vegan, you can easily substitute this with your “milk” preference)

What You Do:
Cut the avocado open, pit it and spoon into a bowl

Lightly mash it up into small pieces (see picture for sizing)

Then, as my friend put it, pour in the amount of milk like you would if it was a bowl of cereal (I told her that I always pour too much milk so that I get to go back for more cereal, but that’s not the right move here at all)

Then add about a tablespoon of sugar and mix it in. Taste it because you may end up wanting more sugar. And that’s it!

Messiness – I somehow always manage to make a mess of an avocado, but if you’re handy with a knife and a spoon, then there’s no mess at all.

Simplicity – It’s easier than making guacamole and just as simple as getting some ice cream with sprinkles.

Budget – Avocados are SO cheap right now, and if you already have milk and sugar in the house then this will run you about $1/bowl (and the avocado is pretty filling)

Delicious Factor – The taste had to grow on me, mostly because of the texture, but now, I love it! And my dad no longer has to worry about my Omega-3s.

  1. brandi said:

    i’ve never heard of doing this, but I do love avocado!

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