buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake

I typically don’t bake for several reasons:
1. I like salty more than sweet
2. I’m trying desperately to clean up my diet, and a delicious cake is the last thing I need lying around
3. I’m not very good at it.

But, in honor of my New Years Resolutions, I’m pushing myself to cook more adventurous things. I’ve been wanting to make this recipe for a long time, and when I saw blueberries were on sale, I knew it was time.

To say this recipe is amazing, delicious, scrumptious and any other synonym, wouldn’t do it justice. Also, since I’m a baby baker, you can find the recipe here, I made no adjustments of my own, and it’s really perfect the way it is.

Messiness – I think another reason I don’t bake is that it’s messy. You need all kinds of bowls and pans and cups and tablespoons, but let me assure you, this recipe is more than worth it.

Simplicity – I swore up and down that I was doing something wrong the whole time, but no. It really was pretty easy to make, and if you think you’re doing something wrong (like when you’re mixing the butter and sugar) I assure you, you’re not.

Budget – If you can find blueberries on sale, MAKE THIS! It will be under $5 since you probably have a lot of stuff in your kitchen already. If you don’t then around $10, which is okay because I guarantee you’ll be making it again.

Delicious Factor – I love any excuse to eat cake for breakfast. Also, I added about 1/2 cup extra blueberries so that I tricked myself into thinking it’s healthier. I’d recommend doing this because, while the cake is lovely, cooked blueberries are like little flavor pockets. This was another reminder of why I don’t bake… because I want to eat the whole cake and make another immediately.

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  1. I’m with on the savoury first over sweet second. These however look really lovely. I can never get enough of blueberries too

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