second chance inspiration

Last week I ran across some incredibly inspirational sayings/mantras and had to share them with you, especially considering it’s Monday and all.

Better Body Today – this is amazing to me. When I think about my fitness goals, it’s obviously a tall order, one which yields no immediate results, which can make it difficult to stay motivated. I also struggle to break down big goals into smaller ones, but this made it do-able to me. I can definitely do something that makes my body better today than it was yesterday. Small goals to a larger end.

Along the same lines…

Be Better Today Than Yesterday – Growing up, my mom’s mantra was “Squeeze the day” rather than “Seize the day.” She was able to squeeze as much out of one day as possible, and I strive to to that every day as well. So by squeezing the day, I need to keep in mind not to just check off a to-do list, but also to be better.

So rather than thinking of today as another Monday, the beginning to a long week, I’m seeing it as another chance to get it right, to be better than yesterday in search of being the best me.

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  1. Sher Bear said:

    Thanx for the ‘shout out’ for my mantras thru-out your childhood! Aunt Vic and I are lookin’ at your stuff. You rock. Love you…

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