one week, four seasons

The beginning of the year is a very busy time for many companies, which means they’re getting my freelance work together. This left me with much more freetime than I’m used to last week. So what did I do with this time Painted my nails twice, did my laundry, cooked, hit the gym, slept (8 hours every night.. it was a miracle) AND watched four seasons of three shows Netflix recommended for me. Since I haven’t done a movie post in awhile, I thought I’d do reviews of these three shows: Portlandia, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, and The League.

This show is produced by Lorne Michaels, so if you don’t like SNL type humor, move on to the other shows. The first season was hilarious, mostly because I visited Portland, OR every summer as a kid and teenager. My dad likes to call people here “granola people.” While I’m now a vegetarian, and some might call me a “hippie” of sorts due to my brief work in grassroots fundraising, I still find this show to be hilarious. However, if you haven’t been to Portland, or known people from there, you may not find it as funny. For that reason, it’s not really a show you can watch with a big group of people, since you may be laughing alone (but you’ll be laughing very hard).

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret
If you mixed the UK humor of The Office and Arrested Development, you’ve got this show in a nutshell. If you didn’t like these shows, again, move on to the next show. This is about a man who’s transplanted to the UK to sell the toxic energy drink Thunder Muscle. In an effort to be cool and successful, and completely ruins his life in the process. It’s hilarious (if you like the aforementioned humor) so give it a try.

Finally, my new favorite show: THE LEAGUE
Okay, I am a HUGE Fantasy Football junkie. I won my first year, and have sucked ever since. It’s something I look forward to every year, and have always wanted a hardcore group of people like this posse to play with. The League is like my Fantasy League. The characters are hilarious, the situations are continuous, believable and laugh-out-loud funny (I rarely laugh out loud, and I rarely shut up when this show is on). I can’t recommend it highly enough. If I had to categorize/characterize it, I’d say it’s Curb Your Enthusiasm meets Friends. Men and women alike, or all interests will find something in this show to love. This was the show that I watched two seasons of in two days (admittedly, I finished the second season just in time for NFL playoff games to begin). Find a way to watch this amazing show!

    • I always forget you’re across the pond from me. I wish people here had more of a UK sense of humor! lol

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