lettuce-free greek salad

For Christmas, my aunt got me a vegetarian cookbook, which uses simple recipes that don’t use a ton of ingredients. The first one I chose to make was the greek salad. Growing up, I knew greek salads to be these weird salads my mom got, with a ton of things that I had no interest in eating. But, this was completely different. This is a no-cook recipe (which I love) which you really can’t go wrong with. Perfect for a quick, light dinner/lunch and I also recently read that cilantro helps ward off cancer (plus).

What You Need:
4 tomatoes (I used Roma)
1 cucumber
8 oz pitted kalamata olives
8 oz. feta cheese
2 TBSP fresh cilantro
Pita bread

(for the dressing…)
5 TBSP olive oil
2 TBSP white vinegar
1 TBSP lemon juice
1 TBSP copped fresh cilantro

What You Do:

Cut the tomatoes into wedges and slice the cucumber, then quarter it.

Chop the cilantro.

Make the dressing by mixing all the ingredients together in a large bowl.

Add the veggies and cheese (tomatoes, cucumbers, feta and olives).

Toss and enjoy!

Messiness – You only need the large bowl and a cutting board, so it’s really clean and self-contained.

Simplicity – One of the shortest recipes I have and perfect for any season.

Budget – This can be really cheap or more expensive. Try to find a Greek market and you’ll get a better deal. Feta and Kalamata olives can run high, so if you want to make a cheaper version, swap the Kalamata for standard black olives. You’ll be sacrificing some taste, but it’s still very good!

Delicious Factor – 5/5 The fact that it’s easy to make adds to the fact that it’s delicious.


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