mr. brainwash (aka the best art exhibition i’ve ever seen)

After weeks of driving past Mr. Brainwash’s art show, a mere 5 blocks from my apartment, I finally decided to wait in that never-ending line and go see the show. It was the most worth-while thing I’ve done in ages. Since I moved to LA, I stopped waiting in lines for things. I know enough people that I can usually bypass the line, which makes any line look unenticing to me.

Yesterday was the last day of the show and it was amazing. As soon as you walked in, not only were you inundated with huge art exhibits, but Mr. Brainwash himself was standing right there, surrounded by a film crew, signing the free posters and postcards that were being given out.

If you don’t know anything about Brainwash, I’ll tell you why I enjoy him. He came upon street art by “making a documentary” which he never had any intention of making. Through this, he was able to meet and learn from people the likes of Banksy and Sheppard Fairey. Brainwash, aka Thierry, began making his own art at the behest of these legends. He’s somehow made a living out of enhancing other people’s art. Another huge reason I like him is that he’s not pretentious as so many artists are, and all of his messages are really about love between you and others, and between you and yourself.

THE ABSOLUTE COOLEST PART was when I happened to by on the 6th floor, a whole cavernous expanse filled with hearts and messages on the walls. Brainwash and his camera crew snuck out of the building, onto the roof, and in front of the camera, and all the people at the outside exhibit, he tagged up the billboard on top of his building (if you’ve seen the “Extremely Loud Incredibly Close” ad, then envision the kid’s hands all painted and you can see it from the bottom picture, just a little though).

Enjoy the pics and learn more about Brainwash. He’s interesting for sure!

Here’s a few photos I snapped with my phone. I didn’t bring my camera because I was sure we wouldn’t be allowed to take pictures, but at least my phone is decent.


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