shout out

I rarely ever give shout outs to businesses, not because I don’t like them but because few go above and beyond to make their customers happy. Well writers, and friends of writers, LISTEN UP!

When you’re printing out about one large document a week like me (either script or manuscript), it gets to be pretty expensive. Staples is robbing you and your printer needs new ink every month, which isn’t cheap. So when I found out about 2 cent Script Copier, I thought it was too good to be true.

I submitted my script at about 10pm. Apparently I had sent it in the wrong format, and got an email from a real person, not a machine, letting me know it needed to be in PDF format. Maz, the man behind the email, then let me know a way that I can save it as a PDF, or guide me through saving it on the program I use. You can pick the color cardstock and paper that you want too (in case you want to distingush your drafts from each other). Okay, enough details.

Today I went to pick it up (it was ready before 10 am the next day) and there was the most atrocious parking situation. So I parked across the street, where the attendant informed me the lot was full. I said I’d be gone no longer than five minutes, so he gave me a valet ticket and let me leave the car. Without thinking, I placed the ticket on the counter when I walked in the shop. Then man who happily handed me the script saw the ticket and said, “I don’t validate, so this one’s on me.” And let me leave free of charge (the parking attendant, however, charged me $1 for 5 minutes… that’s LA for you).

So, needless to say, I’ve already sent over five more scripts that are each a different beautiful color and can’t wait to get to work. I HIGHLY recommend working with this shop. They’re helpful, fast, and thoughtful, in a world (and particularly a city) where that combo is hard to find. Don’t live in Tinsel Town? Good news, they ship!!

Click HERE to visit the site.

Again, I NEVER review places, and if I do it’s rarely a rave, but I was just so impressed that I had to share.

After leaving the shop, the man wished me luck, and I want to pass that luck along to all of you, my readers, no matter what your endeavors.


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