resolving resolutions

So, it’s half way through December, and I’ve started to reflect back on my resolutions from last year. I’m notoriously horrible at following through on anything, especially resolutions. But this year, I made a promise to myself that it would be different. So, here’s the resolutions I made for the new year, and how I did with them:


1. I WILL get in shape this year. This is a perpetual resolution on my list, as it is for many people, but this time I mean it. I’m not a super obese fat ass, but I can stand to lose some poundage. There’s no weight associated with this resolution though. Just simply to get in shape. – This year I lost 40lbs and am finally in shape! I can honestly say I’m on the right track and have never been in this good of shape. This particular resolution has been at the top of my list my whole life, and finally I did it.

2. Only eat out once a week. I am a Dollar Menunaire and a firm believer in Fourth Meal. This must stop!… starting the first. –I can count on two hands the amount of times I ate out total this year. I made a decision to start cooking, and now, to be honest, a lot of the time I don’t enjoy eating out because I know I could make the same thing at home for cheaper. 

3. RUN a half marathon. I have wogged (walk-jogged) a half marathon in the past, but I’m slated to do the OC Marathon in May and the goal is to run the whole thing. There’s half marathons all year long, so if I can’t run this whole thing, then by the end of the year I WILL run a whole half marathon. – As it’s been with every other half marathon, I blew out my knees. Playing basketball and tennis your whole life while simultaneously being the fat kid will take its toll on you physically. However, I trained up till the 10 mile mark, which I still feel was a pretty great accomplishment.

4. Finish my novel, screenplay and teleplay. As many of you know, I’m a fantastic project starter, but finishing them is a whole different story. Since this is what I’m planning on doing with my life, completion is crucial. So, my resolution is to finish my projects. This year, I even impressed myself. I finished three teleplays (TV show scripts), one screenplay which is in the process of being produced and I’m editing my novel. I honestly only thought I’d do one of these things, and can’t believe I did all of them!

5. Read one book a month. There’s really no excuse not to be able to do this. One book in a whole month. Even people with no time can do this. There’s so many books and so little time! One a month puts me 12 books closer to reading everything in the world. – Apparently there is an excuse for this to happen, and the reason is number 4. However, this year I did finish Pillars of the Earth (which I’ve been working on for years), Listening to Harlem, Tell-All and Slaughterhouse 5. 

6. Stop disliking everyone and everything. I make fun of just about anything possible (hence why I’m a writer, not a customer service rep). I mean, I don’t really hate everything, but most things. Like babies, people that don’t clean up their dog’s shit, people who wear white after Labor Day. So I guess, tolerance and patience is the resolution here. This will easily be the hardest one for me (yes, running 13 miles and writing a novel will be easier than being nice to people). – Wow, have I noticed this change over the last year. I really made an effort to find the best in people. I’ve actually amended this resolution because with my new outlook on life, it was pretty embarrassing. It’s changed the way I write too. Now I’m more satirical instead of sarcastic, and It’s definitely all for the better.

7. Grow out my eyebrows. This may sound weird, but anyone who knows me probably knows that my eyebrows are magical. One day they are there, and the next they disappear. Well, this year, I’m doing everything in my power to grow these bad boys back to their original shape (within reason of course, no one wants bushy brows). – I succeeded a bit with this, not a lot, but a bit. Mostly due to the fact that they just won’t grow! I just found a new formula that I think will work… I’ll keep you posted.

8. Read the Bible in a year. This goes hand-in-hand with my fitness goal in that it is something I have been trying to do since I discovered the Bible. So this year, I will finally read the whole thing! – I did it! Granted, I had to find an app that would read it to me, but I finally read the Bible in a year!!

9. Learn a third language (and become fluent in Spanish). I speak English and moderate Spanish, but I’m from so many different cultures that I really want to learn a third language as well. It’s currently between Russian and German. I’ll keep you posted. – Well, I put notecards written in Russian on everything in my apartment and am still learning the alphabet. While I can’t speak more than a few words, I’m much further along than last year. With regards to Spanish, I didn’t become fluent, but I did maintain the Spanish that I do know.

10. Learn a new word every day. I have an app on my BlackBerry for this, and yet I still fail to do it. Now, anyone will tell you my vocabulary is already too large and that this is a ridiculous idea, but I disagree. There are so many words in the English language, there is no reason not to try and learn them all, no matter how useless some of them are. – Well, basically, I didn’t do well with this one. Not at all. I learned some new words, but not 365 of them. Some words are better than none though, so I guess there’s that.



So, those were my resolutions. Did you make any? How did you do with them? What are some of you tricks for following through with your resolutions?


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