december dreams

Holy Schnikees! It’s December already?! You’ve got to be kidding me! A new month always gives me time to reflect on the year past and on all my dreams and goals. I try to set small goals for each month which chip away at my larger end goals for the year.

As a kid, my parents would tell us to cut things out of magazines, brochures, and anything that inspired us, no matter how outlandish or seemingly unattainable, then to put those things up on our fridge. They called this “dream building.” While my fridge is no longer cluttered, every time I see something crazy and amazing, I make a mental note and save the picture, reminding myself of things that I one day will have.

If you know me, you know Giraffes are my favorite animals. Oh what I would do to visit this hotel! I don’t want to own a Giraffe because it may kill the magic of it, but I want to visit one.

Two of my favorite things: fireplaces and Jacuzzi tubs. I think I’ve found how my future bathroom will be designed.

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  1. Cool parents and what a great idea, only I don’t think I’d have enough space on my fridge for all the things I’d like for my greedy self (she says with her guilty face) 🙂

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