At the age of 14, I got my first watch. My mom already had a silver Ebel with a white face and thought it was time for me to wear watches, so I was given a beautiful hand-me-down unisex Tag Heuer. I’m pretty sure I was the only high schooler walking around wearing a watch, let alone a $1,500 watch. At first I didn’t wear it often, it was heavy and odd feeling, but then my dad would show me all kinds of watches he wanted to get (I definitely come from a “watch” family).

When I graduated high school, we were visiting some friends of the family and I was gifted an absolutely gorgeous Baume and Mercier, in perfect shape and worth roughly $2,000. The man who had it said he’d tried every band possible and still didn’t like the size of the face and how it looked on him. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. This was my first men’s watch, and I absolutely fell in love. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with watches, particularly men’s watches.

Whenever I got a compliment on my watches I’d always proudly say, “Thanks! It’s a ___” not to be cocky, but because I was still in disbelief that I owned one. No one knew the names of watches until I got older, of course. I’ve owned all kinds of timepieces since then, but these two remain my favorites because of the way I received them. People who knew I’d appreciate and love them and who wanted me to share in their love of watches gave me a piece from their collection.

I used to ask my dad, “Why would you pay so much for your Breitling?” He said, “The same reason you’d pay so much for a drum set, it’s a work of art.” Right then it all made sense and I’ve had a love affair with watches. I honestly think there’s no other piece of jewelry that is as eyecatching as a watch.


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