weho halloween

I live in the most lovely place in the world when it comes time for Halloween. Every year the city of West Hollywood closes down its busiest street, Santa Monica Blvd./Route 66, and it fills with people in every costume imaginable. This Halloween I have been inundated with deadlines and projects so I didn’t have much of a Halloween at all. Then my friend asked if I wanted to just take a quick walk down to the festival. Nothing serious, just a little fun to see the costumes. This sounded like a welcome break from my work. I quickly chose between my referee, gypsy and Kim Kardashian costume, eventually settling on the referee. As usually, the streets were filled with people in their Halloween best, wafting smells of bacon-wrapped hot dogs and many stages with performers from your usual Emcee, to drag queen angels. If you’ve never been to this event, I highly recommend you do at some time. It is an fantastic experience and I’m beyond grateful I get to walk to it each and every year.

Happy Halloween!!

*NOTE: Not sure what the dots are in these pictures since it was a clear, semi-warm night. My best guess (and it’s a pretty good one) is glitter.


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