the rum diary

I’ve always said, if I didn’t believe in God, I’d believe in Hunter S. Thompson. He’s easily one of the greatest wrtiers of all time; with his wreckless abandon in what he says, but the beyond artful way that he chooses his words. I find it remarkable when a person can say so much in just two or three words.

Johnny Depp acted in HST’s first, and only movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. While he was at HST’s home, researching for his role, he found the manuscript for The Rum Diary. HST had written it early in his 20s and forgotten about it. The book was published that year.

Now, seven years after HST passed away, Depp has finally finished and premiered his “baby.” Since I love HST I had to see the movie its first night out (something I rarely do).

It was great. Really great! The end dragged a bit, because the screenwriter, Bruce Robinson (of The Killing Fields notoriety) chose to write it as a story after the novel ended. As a loyal HST fan, the place where he stopped and Robinson began was apparent to me. HST had a way of ending his near-ridiculous stories right when they were becoming unbelievable, or just too much debauchery.

I highly recommend this movie. Once again, Depp does a phenomenal job of capturing HST and his characters, the way he wrote them. Again, it drags a bit at the end, but overall, it’s worth your $16. Easy.

Best line: “It smells like bastards. It smells like truth. I smell ink.”


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