infamy – movie review

I’ve been slacking on the movie reviews, but plan to make up for it. When I opened up my Netflix queue today, it told me that I have five movies that are about to leave instant play on 11/1, which means I had a lot of watching to do.

Infamy” was in my top five, where it had been for over a year. I love graffiti art and bombing but had never felt the need to watch it. Well, time was of the essence so I clicked “Play.”

“Infamy” follows six different artists from LA to Philly to NYC and shows their journey and progression. From the very beginning, you’re sucked in. It’s not your average, semi-interesting documentary. The characters are so funny that they really are characters. One of the most interesting things to see is how each of their personalities is so different and seeing how their families contributed to, or were detrimental, to their art.

Another interesting part is that a lot of this takes place in my neighborhood, and I see these pieces all the time, but I never knew about the people behind it. I’ve also seen the sign on the freeway for the “Graffiti Guerrilla” who spends all his free time taking down and painting over tagging.

I’ve always been so enthralled with graffiti art. Think about it, artists spend months and years working on one piece of art. These people have a very limited amount of time to finish their art, or risk arrest (which they all talk about). In college, I did several photography projects on graffiti and how underappreciated it is. The irony of those projects was that I was attempting to make art by exploiting the art of others. I never did another project based on graffiti after my friend, a graffiti artist, pointed that out to me.

If this thematic content interests you, or you like seeing the human part of the graffiti you see all over your city, then watch this. And I have GOOD NEWS for you! Since I love my blog readers, and since Netflix is getting rid of this film in a few days, I’ve found a website where you can watch the entire documentary for free! Click HERE to go there.

There are thematic elements that make this not okay for kids (language) but other than that, it’s all about the art. Enjoy!


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