summer corn salad

For a week I’d had the ingredients to make this recipe sitting in my fridge. There is just something about trying a new recipe that takes a bit of energy, which I couldn’t seem to muster up. Over the weekend, I finally made this! It was so simple and took virtually no time at all. I recommend this recipe to anyone who wants a quick, easy, cheap and delicious corn side dish. You can find the recipe for this on one of m favorite cooking blogs. The author is a bit more organic conscious than I, but it’s tough to justify buying sunflower oil when you’re on a budget.

I used olive oil instead of sunflower oil, skipped the pepitas, and frozen corn instead of corn on the cob. I also nixed the Mexican oregano. Even with all this, it still tastes amazing!

Messiness – No cooking involved and minimal chopping.

Simplicity – So simple. Only a bowl and cutting board needed.

Budget – Really cheap. Especially if you substitute some of the ingredients and it tastes great!

Delicious Factor – It’s rare that you find something sweet, tangy and a little salty that tastes good and is healthy, well, this is it.


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