homemade apple cider

I LOVE apple juice! If that was the only drink in the world (besides water) I’d be perfectly fine. This time of year, people go apple picking and make delicious pies and treats. Best of all, apples are dirt cheap! Knowing all this, never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be able to make a drink, let alone my favorite falltime drink: apple cider.

Since I’ve been slowly trying more and more recipes, I saw this one and thought, “Hey, I can do this!” So I tried it out, and was pleasantly pleased with the result.
You can find the recipe here. The absolute best part of this recipe, in addition to the taste, is the smell it fills your home with. You’ll dig it!

Messiness – Not messy at all. Just chopping apples and boiling water. The straining is the trickiest part. I’ve found if you strain things like this into a plastic bowl, then you can bend the bowl into a pour spout.

Simplicity – The beginner’s perfect fall creation. There’s only four ingredients and makes your kitchen smell like your the master Autumnal chef.

Budget – This time of year it’s so cheap since the apples are in season. I got 20 apples at the dollar store for $2 and had all the spices at home already, but those can be found at the dollar store as well.

Delicious Factor – Yummy!! If you like apple cider and apple juice, you’re in luck! It also mixes well with liquors like brandy.

  1. Thanks for sharing this – cider is my favourite beverage.

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