roasted asparagus

This recipe is one of my favorite go-tos. When I first decided to learn how to cook about six months ago, this was the first recipe from a cook book I had ever made. I subscribed to Bon Apetite with the intention of cooking four new things a month (at least). Little did I know that the magazine was NOT for beginners or vegetarians. It’s still a fantastic publication though with interesting articles and haven’t regretted subscribing.

This roasted asparagus recipe requires very few ingredients and is super simple. So easy, a beginner can do it!

Tip: I let them cook longer than the recommended time because I like them to get crunchy, like little healthy french fries.

Messiness – This may be the least messy thing you ever make. The only thing I did was trim the asparagus (I skipped the shaving/peeling).

Simplicity – Like I said, this was the first recipe from a cook book I ever made and you really can’t go wrong.

Budget – Asparagus can get expensive so I pretty much only make these when it’s on sale. however, if you want an easy appetizer or side dish for dinner, this is the cheapest you’ll get. Chances are that you have everything you need in your cupboard already. You just need the veggies! Also, I just used regular Parmesan cheese. It tastes just as good, is a lot cheaper and takes no time to grate or shave.

Delicious Factor – I like asparagus anyway, but the roasting really brings out the flavor. The balsamic vinegar is the perfect compliment to the vegetable. This is also SO healthy and good for you.

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