muted rooms

In college, I was into colors. A lot of colors. I made all my furniture from cinderblocks and wood, and spend two days painstakingly painting them every color of the psychedelic rainbow. After moving 16 20+lbs blocks twice, I decided that was enough of that furniture. While I’m still young, I can see my tastes slowly changing from my Jimi Hendrix tie dye coffee table to more muted tones with accent colors. As I sat down to work on my screenplay this morning, I saw the above picture while quickly browsing Pinterest. I’m utterly in love with my typewriter and this picture inspired me even more to sit down and get to writing. Here’s some more muted color schemes below. I love darks for relaxing rooms, like your bedroom, and bright whites for living rooms like the kitchen. It’s so clean and crisp! What are your favorite color schemes?


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