breakfast potato and eggs… to-go

I’m the WORST at getting up early to make breakfast, which means mine is usually part of whatever I brought to work for lunch that day. I’ve been looking for some make-ahead recipes so I can freeze them, then defrost and enjoy with no hastle. I found this recipe and fell in love. It combines my favorite parts of breakfast: potatoes and eggs (and of course cheese).

Things you need:
Baked potatoes (I was a bit confused when I first read the recipe, but yes, you must first bake the potatoes).
Eggs (about 1/2-1 egg per potato)
Salt and pepper
Anything else you want on your potato (i.e. bacon, chives, salsa, pepper, tomatoes)

First, bake your potatoes, then keep your oven heated at 350 degrees

Cut both ends of your potato, but just enough to get a spoon in and so your potato will stand up.

Scoop out some of the potato flesh so you can get your fillings in (I put the ends of the potato and scooped out bits into a bowl and ate it while I was waiting)

Whisk your eggs together in a bowl

Pour or scoop them into your hollowed out potato. Once it’s pretty full, you can add your other goodies.

Sprinkle cheese on the top

Cook for 20-25 minutes depending on how cooked you like your eggs (I HATE runny eggs so I even let mine go 30 min and they were perfect)

Tips: Don’t bake your potatoes too long. Keep in mind they’ll be going back in the oven again and can dry out.

Messiness – No mess at all. If you are chopping ingredients it may require some clean-up but otherwise all you have is a couple bowls and a baking sheet.

Simplicity – Really simple! Mastering the timing may take some diligence, but you really can’t mess this up, unless you just forget about it and they burn. Wrap these up in plastic wrap, then put them in a freezer bag and you’ll have easy to-go breakfasts for the week! Since you can make so many of them at once, they’re perfect for the busy person/family.

Budget – Potatoes, eggs and cheese. Cheap. Easily cheaper than what you would pay for this at a restaurant, and I’ve never even seen this anywhere!

Delicious Factor – Considering it combines ALL my favorite breakfast foods, 5/5.


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