hollyhood home

I’m one of the lucky who gets to call “Hollywood” “Home.” My mom likes to tell people it’s “Hollyweird” but even she has to admit it’s pretty great. It never fails to amaze me that my on my semi-daily walk I cross over Hollywood Blvd. and Sunset Blvd. Then there are days like yesterday when there are too many funny/eye-catching things not to take pictures. Here’s some I took on my walk and edited with my newest app obsession picplz.

Horrible ad placement above a church, and terrifying that I have to look at this every time I leave my apartment. The irony is hilarious.

Calling the 90’s!

Pictures like this are the ones why mothers question their kids who choose to live here (the Seventh Veil strip club was behind me). Pay close attention to the details.


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