spicy quinoa salad

As many of you know, I’m a vegetarian, and until recently I was the worst sort of vegetarian because I don’t like many fruits or vegetables. I like pasta, tomatoes and that’s about it. So, I realized I had to make a change and started cooking things that I thought I might like. Along the way, I’ve made some truly awful recipes, but I’ve also discovered some things I LOVE that I may never have tried if I hadn’t given up meat.

After being a vege for over a year, I finally got around to trying quinoa. I know what you’re thinking, “Bad vegetarian! Don’t you live in Hollywood, the hipster capital of everything?” Yes, yes I do, but I’m also from a town where “quinoa” is most likely thought to be some weird cow disease. I digress…

This weekend I dove into the world of quinoa and I have to say, I’m a HUGE fan! As many of you know I’m a contributing writer for a few different sports websites, so I have to (GET TO) stay posted during NFL Sundays and my Sunday meals have to be easy. This spicy quinoa salad recipe was really simple and deilcious! I added some things and made some changes so I didn’t have to buy a bunch of new spices, and it was still amazing! For you new quinoa eaters, and you veterans too, this is so simple and delicious. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Messiness – Rinsing the quinoa is the messiest part, so, basically, it’s not messy at all.

Simplicity – I was scared since there’s websites devoted to methods of cooking this grain, but it was actually really really simple with next to no cooking necessary (just the quinoa).

Budget – Fairly inexpensive. Go to a natural foods store for cheaper quinoa. At my local Ralphs it was $11. I paid $3 at Trader Joes for the same amount. Other than that, it’s just veggies and spices you may already have. I used black pepper and cayenne since I didn’t feel like buying the spices the recipe called for.

Delicious Factor – 5/5 This is a recipe that I can add to my “easy weeknight meal” category. I added avocados and would also add tomatoes next time. The recipe definitely needs a little something more so add your favorite veggie, oh, and some cheese too! I’m trying pepperjack with this next time. This recipe is great because you can add things to it and make it completely your own. Let me know if you make any changes and what worked best for you!

  1. Delicious. I need to jump on the quinoa band wagon. I’ve never even tried it!

    • I was so intimidated because people make it sound so lofty and high brow… like cooking a duck. It was honestly just the same as rice. Let me know what recipe you use when make it! 🙂

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