On Wednesday night I got the opportunity to pre-screen the movie “50/50” starring Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Here’s the trailer for it:

At first, the premise sounded iffy to me. I lost my grandpa to cancer so I wasn’t stoked about spending 2 hours watching someone’s struggle. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The screenplay was beautifully written (which is extremely important to a fellow screenwriter like me) and the story was multi-dimensional. Also, the acting all the away around was great. You know how sometimes there’s one person who’s not really convincing? Well, that’s not the case with this film.

It is not a comedy, and I wouldn’t even call it a dramedy, it’s a drama. You will laugh, really hard at parts, which is essential due to the nature of the story. If you enjoy dramas, with a little laughter thrown in, then I highly recommend this film. I’m antsy and impatient, but I was fully engaged the whole time.


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