tomato basil croissants

The other day I made something using basil. The only problem with basil is that you have to buy a bunch of it at once, you can’t just get a few leaves. So, instead of letting the rest of the herb go to waste, I’ve decided to cook with basil until I have used all of it. So today I got a little creative. This may be the easiest way to trick people into thinking you’re a “cook.”

To make this you need a package of croissant, or crescent, rolls, tomato, mozzarella cheese and some basil.

Chop the tomatoes and basil and mix them together. Before you roll up the rolls, put some of the tomatoes, basil and cheese in the wide part of the roll. Once they’re all rolled up, sprinkle cheese on the top of the rolls. Bake as the directions on the rolls package instructs.

Messiness– Not messy at all. The chopping is the messiest part.

Simplicity– Extremely simple, but tastes like you put a lot of work into it.

Budget– Cheap! Under $5, unless you need basil, then it’s under $6.

Delicious Factor– As unhealthy as it tastes, so you know it’s good!

  1. You ought to grow a basil plant – they can be a little tricky though. These look awesome though.

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