One thing that I never get tired of looking at is architecture. There are so many different designs, genres, and styles that the options are limitless. It’s like art on a very large scale. My favorite style is modern, but I love Spanish buildings as well. Here’s some of my favorites that I recently ran across. All of them, and many more can be found HERE.

While cavernous, it reminds me of the secret room I one day want to have in my house.

Nothing better than a rooftop lounge/patio.

Indoor pool with a swing. I’ve always wanted an indoor pool and the swing is just extra. Plus, I LOVE blue pool floors.

Floating designs always get the best of me, as does moss.

Love all the windows. One big window is cool, but freaks me out a little bit. I’d rather have a few large windows with this breathtaking view.

An indoor/outdoor pool? Yes please!

Hanging garden + skylight = fantastic design

Love the colors of this building! It looks so relaxing, yet vibrant.

I’ve always wanted a peaceful rooftop garden.

What are some of your favorite kinds of architecture?


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