black and yellow

Today, something truly horrifying happened. I was driving along this afternoon in the warm California sun, windows down cruising to this song

when suddenly I looked to my right and saw a bumble bee hovering right next to me. Now, I’m not girly about many things, but I turn into a completely scared child when bees (or any insects for that matter) are involved. My heart started beating faster, and mind you I was still driving. The bee and I were staring each other down. He won. Then he landed on the cup right next to me in my cup holder. I sneakily reached down, grabbed my flip flop and slapped the side of my cup. I was sure I’d gotten him, then I heard a “buzz buzz.” No way could he have survived that!

I had to find out where this bee went, so at a red light, I cautiously lifted up my cup. He was crawling around under it! I slammed the cup down, but a pen had rolled under it, saving the bee’s life. But I was certain he had been hurt so badly that his wings were broken. He wasn’t buzzing so he must have been close to dead.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Suddenly, he flies up from under the cup and was eye level with me again, staring me down. Then, before I knew what had happened, he was gone. To this very moment, I still have no idea where that bee is. All I can hope is that he made it out my car safely and is not scrounging around inside it, waiting to get me with the windows closed.

Anyways, I was thinking about this bee and how I refuse to wear anything black and yellow because I’m so afraid of this tiny insect. Well, today I’ve decided to get over that predisposition and start wearing, using and decorating with black and yellow. Here’s some ideas I found to get me started.

What are some color schemes you find yourself shying away from? Is there any particular reason?


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