Yesterday I was doing my semi-daily hike up Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, but it was unusually vacant. I can only attribute it to the start of the football season because even though it was Friday, it’s never that empty. I snapped this pic from my phone (on which I blame the quality) because it got me thinking about life and the paths we take.

I got calls from two people yesterday who wanted me to do freelance work for them. Just days earlier I had been laying in bed thinking, “Is there any freelance work out there anymore?!” When I got these calls, and saw this unusually clear path, I thought to myself, You never know where the roads in life will lead you. If you keep going, you never know what’s around that corner. People can get so discouraged and bogged down by the things in life and unsuccessful ventures, but keep going down your road, you never know where it will take you and what’s around the next bend.

Here’s the picture of my Runyon road (the LA skyline shrouded in haze) followed by much prettier pictures of other roads…

Pictures can be found HERE


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