new favorite couscous recipe

Before you read my recipes, you need to know a few things about me:
1. My mother nearly forbade us to cook while we were growing up; she doesn’t like a mess. So I had to teach myself how to cook, and how to make myself cook.
2. I am lazy, and hate hassles.
3. My general feeling on cooking is that I spend hours slaving over a hot stove, only to eat for 10 minutes, then have to clean up after, so it better be worth it!
4. I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t like most fruits or vegetables.
5. I LOVE food!! But I’m a starving writer (not really, but you know what I mean); I’m on a budget.

Okay, now that you know this, and think I’m a total weirdo, I’ll explain. I’ll rate every recipe based on messiness, simplicity, budget, delicious factor and was it worth it. That being said, here’s my newest creation:

Israeli Couscous with Asparagus, Peas and Sugar Snaps

I LOVE this recipe! Granted, I love peas, couscous, sugar snaps and asparagus (in that order). I modified it by using whatever box of couscous was in the market, cayenne pepper instead of black pepper and nixing the lemon peel and chives.

Messiness– Not messy at all. One sauce pan, one skillet, one cutting board, and a bowl.

Simplicity– So simple. The way things cook, you have time to prepare and move around so that you don’t waste any time waiting for things to cook. From start to finish it’s about 30 minutes. Also, all the veggies, except asparagus, can be found in the frozen foods section!

Budget– It’s not cheap but not expensive. $20 for everything, but some you might already have at home (i.e. Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, etc.). It serves 6.

Delicious Factor– So delicious. 5/5 It’s great without the lemon, but the lemon dressing at the end is fantastic. The veggies go wonderfully together and who doesn’t love couscous?! It’s also really healthy, with the exception of the oil. To make it even more filling and healthier I added double the recommended amount of veggies.


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