I’ve lived all over the country, and the world, which is great, except for one thing: I have loved ones I rarely get to see. The internet and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for this, but there’s still some things you can’t do together, like watch TV or a movie. Until now! I ran across the site today.

Chill allows you to join lounges that are set up like virtual movie theaters. You and 29 other people can “get together” via avatar and watch videos together. Right now it links up to youtube and external links you have. So, for example, I can watch those hilarious double rainbow videos in a lounge and my sisters can be watching it at the same time! To make things better, up to five people can post videos and be “VJs” or video jockeys. But wait, there’s more! You can chat in the room too so you can all talk about what you are watching. Finally, the coolest part, Chill is linking up with Hulu so you can all watch shows, movies and clips together.

I love LA but it’s really far from my family. We end up just going over the highlights of recent episodes of Modern Family and 30 Rock. If you know me at all, you know that I am not on the curve of up-and-coming social networks, but for once I am. The only catch is you need to know someone on Facebook who is on, kind of like an “invite only” thing. But not to worry! I’m on Chill, so find me, friend me, and let’s chill together!! If you open up a lounge, tweet me and I’ll come VJ with you. 🙂


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