It’s cold out, despite the fact that it’s mid-August, and more importantly we have Pre-Season football! As you may, or may not know, during the off-season I was able to get two gigs writing for and so it’s safe to say I’m stoked.

I have two of my Fantasy Teams in place and one more to set up. Normally I’d give you some expert predictions, but since it’s pre-season we all know it doesn’t really matter. Therefore, making predictions a bit absurd. I will say that both Michael Vick and Vince Young will get play time tonight for Philly, but only for about one half. My other prediction is that Denver fans will be happy to see Tebow, considering he won’t be starting anytime soon this season.

I’m unusually excited for pre-season because it’s like football is the guy/girl who almost broke up with you. Then you two talked it out, and now that he/she is back you appreciate the person more than ever. I know the NFL is sorry for almost leaving me, and I’m ready to welcome it back with open arms.

While I love the summer and being tan, I love cool, crisp weather and lazy Sundays, drinking beer and watching my teams even more. So I have one question for you… Are you ready for some football?!


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