I was voting on ESPN’s LA Hall of Fame today, and it got me thinking about who would be in my own personal hall of fame. While there’s so many names that would be on this list, I’ll start with the top ten in Natalie’s Hall of Fame. The criteria is they have to a) Be famous (duh) and b) Have done something significant for the world or in their respective field. That being said, here’s the Inaugural Natalie Saar’s Hall of Fame:

1. Martha Stewart – Martha Stewart is number one in my HOF for several reasons. The first is that her name is synonymous with being a homemaker. Women who were inept at decorating and cooking turned to M. Stew in desperation. Then, shockingly, she was arrested and put in prision. Not those cushy, white collar places. Real prison. This gives her tons of street cred and a bit gangster (read in your best “white” voice). Now, I want you to think about any person who’s been to prison. They come out hardened and often withdraw, or cause trouble. M. Stew came out tattooless and went right back showing woman how to decorate your dinner table for Thanksgiving.

2. Magic Johnson – Magic was a ladies man, and then he had to confess it to the world. He retired from the NBA because he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. He put his health first and educated the world. Magic also went on to do incredible things for the city of LA, including helping in the effort to bring a football team back to the City of Angels. He was also in the top five Lakers to ever play the game.

3. Kobe Bryant – I’ve learned more about what it is to be a champion and to work hard for what you want from Kobe than from anyone else. Listen to any of his press conferences and you’ll learn too. Call it cocky, but if you can back it up, then by all means be cocky. He isn’t rude, he just knows he’s the best, and that he’s earned it. One of my favorite Kobe quotes: “I’m not the type even wants an I’m sorry, or I feel insulted if you tell me I’m sorry because that suggests that I was affect by your comment in the first place, which I wasn’t.” Sidenote: If you think Kobe raped that woman, you’re silly. What did she think they were going to do, play checkers?!

Fast forward to 2:01

4. Jennifer Lopez – I grew up in very white middle class America in SoCal. This means the boys I grew up with like your Pamela Andersons and Holly Madisons of the world (aka big boobs, stick thin, no booty). Well, I’m Spanish so this did not bode well for me. It wasn’t until J. Lo burst onto the scene that I realized, “Hey, she looks like me!” People jokingly called me J. Lo at school, but later they called me J. Lo in a jealous way. Due to Jenny from the Block I finally grew to love my body and realize there was nothing wrong with it.

5. Tupac – While he was a skilled rapper, Tupac has made it into my HOF because of his mystere. Is he really dead? There’s a lot to suggest he is, but there’s a lot to suggest the contrary as well. He helped define West Coast rap, even though the was from the the East. Also, he gave us the greatest documentary cut of all time. While I can’t show you the clip, I’ll describe it for you:
A young Tupac is at Juliard, talking about how he hates that men disrespect women and call the “the ‘b’ word.” Cut to:
A thugged out Pac in his bandanna. He throws up his middle fingers and yells, “Bitches ain’t Shit!”
Oh the irony.

This concludes the first installment of Natalie’s Hall of Fame. Feel free to nominate people who you feel have earned the right to be in this distinguished hall. I’ll be adding people sporadically.

(DISCLAIMER: Family, friends, Jesus and Mother Teresa were left off this list because they are obvious and cliche)


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