My mom, aka Sher Bear, came out to spend a couple of days with me here in “Hollyweird” (as she likes to call it). In a family of six, where everyone is constantly working one, if not two jobs, going to college and working out, it’s really hard to find a time to get together. She’s an English teacher which means she get’s the summer off so she made the time to come visit. She still hadn’t seen my new apartment, and like any good mother she needed to know where her baby was living (even though it’s right next door to my old building).

I love when people come to visit because there’s never a shortage of things to do. We walked to the Arclight, had some beers at Dillions and watched the fights, climbed Runyon and relaxed at the beach. Like any Saar family event, there were mishaps, like the shower curtain breaking, the tide coming in too high too fast and me falling down the dirt hill, but those are the things that make trips memorable, right?

Here’s a pic of us at Dillions and another of my Sher Bear favorites:

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  1. Sher Bear said:

    What, no other flattering pics, like the one in the mountains, and the other intense convo w/ Doug? Love you, baby! Had ‘the time of my life’, and I mean that…

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